Commercial Photo Gallery

Water Damage in Commercial Building

This commercial building had a water damage and called SERVPRO right away. We brought in fans and dehumidifiers to take care of the issue and make it, "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Cooking Fire

This commercial building had a grill that got a little too crazy and burned parts of the walls behind it. The owners gave SERVPRO a call and we came and took care of everything.

Water Damage to Commercial Building

This commercial building had water damage to their office area so they called SERVPRO. If you have water damage, make sure to call right away so you don't have to worry about mold. 

Sign Removal

In the middle of a wind storm SERVPRO came to the rescue to keep people safe from a sign that had fallen. Once the storm subsided, we came back and reinstalled the sign.

Halfway There

This is a picture of a boarded up glass door. The door was broken so SERVPRO was called in the middle of the night to seal the building so no one could enter it during after hours. We finished off the job in the morning.

Blue 42

SERVPRO was initially on site for post construction cleaning in this newly renovated bar.  Before the bar had a chance to get the doors open there was a fire in the kitchen area.  SERVPRO then helped with the restoration from the fire damage.